thejazzspotpicInspired by the many artists Lenore has performed with, and with the growth of internet radio, it is time for a show like this.

With many years of experience, Lenore has played all styles of jazz in many different settings and enjoys the "on-the-spot" give and take and sharing of experience that good jazz performance is all about. She takes that skill and translates it into a fun, one-hour interview and improvisation format where the listening audience can get a look at the personal side of jazz and the artists that keep it alive and well.

She will talk and perform with great artists like Warren Vache, Jon Hendricks, Gene Bertoncini, Giacomo Gates, Bob Kindred and many more.

In addition to recording the show at Steinway Hall in New York City, she will also take the show "On The Road" and bring you performances from all over the globe with the artists who are playing jazz wherever they are.

For The Best in or hot...listen to Lenore Raphael's Jazz Spot 

Archived Shows available for listening

spacer02 spacer02Artt Frank  
 spacer02 spacer02Gene Bertoncini  
 spacer02 spacer02Giacomo Gates  
 spacer02 spacer02Jon Hendricks  
 spacer02 spacer02Mike Longo  
spacer02  spacer02Warren Vache  
spacer02 June, 2009 spacer02Bob Kindred  
spacer02 June, 2009 spacer02Joel Frahm  
spacer02 Auust 2009 spacer02Harry Allen  
spacer02 Auust 2009 spacer02Hilliard Greene and Rudy Lawless  
spacer02August, 2009  spacer02Marlene VerPlanck  
spacer02 September, 2009 spacer02Vic Juris  
spacer02 October 15, 2009 spacer02Sherry Williamsk  
spacer02 January, 2010 spacer02Bob Ackerman and Pam Purvis  
spacer02 May, 2010 spacer02Bennie Wallace  
spacer02 February 18, 2010 spacer02Jay Leonhart  
spacer02 May 3, 2010 spacer02Ronnie Whyte  
spacer02 May 27, 2010 spacer02Enrico Garafei  
spacer02 June, 2010 spacer02Halle Cultural Arts Center  
spacer02June 4, 2010  spacer02Bucky Pizzarelli  
spacer02July 7, 2010  spacer02Warren Chiasson  
spacer02July 11, 2010  spacer02David Champouillon  
spacer02October 21, 2010  spacer02Ray Blue  
spacer02 November 2, 2010 spacer02Danny Mixon  
spacer02 November 17, 2010 spacer02Howard Alden  
spacer02 December 13, 2010 spacer02Jack Kleinsinger  
spacer02 December 20, 2010 spacer02John DiMartino  
spacer02November, 2013  spacer02Stephen Maitland-Lewis & Howard Alden  
spacer02 December, 2013 spacer02JD Miller  
spacer02 June, 2014 spacer02Howard Paul  
spacer02 January, 2015 spacer02Doug MacDonald  
spacer02 April, 2015 spacer02Wayne Wilkinson  
spacer02April, 2015  spacer02Todd Reid  
spacer02April, 2016  spacer02Al Hood  



Thank You To: Marcia Hillman, producer. John Cantrell, Cantrell Recording. Steinway & Sons. Beethoven Pianos, NYC.