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"Wingin' It", is a musical flight of standards and Lenore Raphael's own composition Johnny Jazz. Lenore's impressive piano playing shines through the whole cd and bass player Mike Bocchicchio and drummer Roger King Jr. elevate this tight knit trio. When I am looking for music to play on the radio that is upbeat and bright, I know
"Wingin' It" will please all the jazz fans.
Susan Gatschet Reese jazz89 KUVO - Denver, CO.
"We've always enjoyed playing Lenore's albums here at WAER...her musicianship really comes to the forefront."
Eric Cohen, Music Director, WAER – Syracuse, NY
"Piano trio discs arrive on my desk by the crateful. Ms. Raphael's music is tasteful, refined, and full of joy. It's always a treat to get to introduce one of her songs."
James Bickers, Jazz Director, WFPK - Louisville, KY
"Jazz like it's supposed to be played. Lenore can play play and play from Ballads to Bop with her innovative and mesmerizing interpretations"
"Melodious Mel" Lipton

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""Reflections is Lenore's second CD. All I can say is, it swings! She makes each song her specialty, and is also a good composer. It is superb!"
Jim Stone. "Big Band Swing", WLNZ - Lansing, MI
"I'm at work now, enjoying Lenore's music. A great addition to the "Touch of Jazz"...a true pianist for all to enjoy"
Lenny Van, the Jazz Man. WCNI -FM - New London, CT

"Loved your "Tricotism" and "Johnny Jazz"
Mike Jacobs, Jazz Host, KIOS - Omaha, NE
"Lenore Raphael has a way of emotionally making a song her own. She immediately grabs the listener's attention with treatments of standards that are charged with provocative thought lines, originals that swing and ballads that pull one into a story with easy flowing continuity. A story of life and love. Wonderful touch at the piano and keen listening creates engaging interplay with her other band members. No dull listening moments here. The attention to musical and technical detail during the recording process captures her sound beautifully, and each of Lenore's CD's are gems." Jazz Host, John Sutton
"Your inherent swing feeling is infectious. You seem to know the right notes to emphasize. I am in favor of a good swing feeling and your playing amply provides this."
Jim Dailey Jazz DJ - Fort Collins, CO

"In a bewildering array of would-be jazz pianists/divas in their twenties, it's a pleasure to hear the more worldly, mature musicianship of a pianist like Lenore Raphael."
Jim Wilke, Jazz After Hours, PRI
Public Radio East
Made in America, Enjoyed Worldwide.
(Lenore Raphael is) “Spontaneous, Never Ordinary, Completely Genuine”
Tom Mallison, Tom The Jazzman.
I have always said that jazz is not background music. You have to listen. Well, listening to Lenore Raphael is time well spent. She has the capability of having something very interesting for you to listen to. It's something she creates which has you thinking, "Hey, how about that.” Jack Simpson, "Jazz on the Beach"
WFIT - Melbourne, FL

"I just gave a listen to the (Wingin' It) cd and I love it. It's immedeiately obvious that Lenore's the real deal."
Pete Kirchoff, Jazz Host WKYU - Bowling Green, KY

“In a world seemingly gone mad with style over substance, how refreshing to hear the sophisticated stylings of Lenore Raphael. Whether it’s her take on timeless standards or her unique originals, Ms. Raphael travels the high road in delivering no-nonsense music. If you
haven’t already done so, I invite you to hop on board. I know you’ll enjoy the ride.”
Joe Zupan, WICN - Boston, MA
KAWC-FM - 88.9
Lenore Raphael is an exceptional pianist and I very much enjoy and am captivated by her interpretations.
Cary Meister "Doc Jazz"  - Jazz Music Directory - Yuma, AZ
"Ms. Raphael presents flowing ideas that are swinging throughout and never seem to cease. She is dynamic and mesmerizing in her presentation..."
Ty Bailey, jazz host - WVST-FM - Petersburg, VA
"When Lenore Raphael plays, she really has something important to say...so listen up and enjoy!
Jason Miller, host of Afternoon Jazz on 91.3 KVLU - Beaumont, TX

Women In Jazz South Florida, Inc.

Critical Acclaim

"Lenore Raphael has a love affair with the piano, as demonstrated by the myriad of emotions she is able to evoke in her playing...from a sweetly swinging mode to pure, nonstop bop, Raphael is the personification of swing"
...John Gilbert, AllAboutJazz

“Jazz critics have compared her to Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and even Thelonious Monk, but with all these influences, Lenore Raphael is just ONE thing…a great pianist!”Ricky Miller, JazzUSA

“A wonderfully inventive musician. It is hardly surprising that that she is earning a reputation as one of the most versatile and impressive modern day mainstreamers”…Wes Gillespie, euroclubdejazz

“Raphael has a delightful, playful touch. She swings hard, fast and always melodically on originals, jazz standards and classics”
…Seth Rogovoy, the Rogovoy jazz report”

“Lenore Raphael has emerged as one of the most promising pianists currently playing creative music in the modern mainstream of jazz. She always swings and never runs out of fresh ideas”
…Scott Yanow, author and critic Swing, Bop and Afro Cuban Jazz

“One of the world’s top jazz pianists…a melodic finesse and electric punch,,,a complete jazz artist with a very personal style…superb!
…Joao De Penha, Jazz & Bossa Nova.

“Every note glows…Lenore Raphael has a powerful voice, and it sure is worth hearing”…John Barrett, JazzUsa

“One of the top new talents in mainstream jazz. A bright pianist with roots in the post-bop era”…Richard Bourcier, JazzReview

“Her music is like a world-class piece of art…it’s message and meaning become clear and absolute”…George Carroll, EjazzNews

“Raphael’s performance at the Westin (IAJE, Long Beach) was exciting, impressive, swinging and unpredictable”…Scott Yanow, LA JazzScene

“Of the several noted pianists who call New York home, Lenore Raphael has to be exceptional…technique, mastery of keyboard harmonics and dynamics…she can do it all”…Allen McQuaid, Freshman Fans Worldwide News

“Lenore Raphael is a pianist I deeply advise everyone to discover. Post-bop lovers would particularly appreciate this artist with strong Bill Evans accents”
…Patrick Haond, The Jazz Site

“Simply wonderful playing! Raphael is a marvelous interpreter of Monk…but she goes a step beyond to make it fresh and her own”
…Alex Lemski, Creative Music Works

“While you can hear a little of Bud Powell, some Bill Evans and a bit of Thelonious Monk, Raphael has assimilated her influences into a unique voice. ..a swinging session of fine trio music all lovers of piano trios will want to own”
…John Kelman, euroclubdejazz

“Though it’s clear she has been influenced by Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans, Raphael pays homage to her roots without slavishly imitating anyone.”
…Marshall Bowden, Jazzitude

(On Invitation) - “It’s a great CD and sonically very good too considering it was recorded live. Lenore is a wonderful pianist and the rhythm section provide solid cover for Lenore’s dynamic piano playing.”

Mark Robinson, It’s A Jazz Thing radio show presenter and Program Director of George Jazz - www.georgefm.co.nz/jazz

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